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Aid your anxiety struggles with these crystal recommendations

Whether you hold them for comfort or wear them for constant reassurance, there's a multitude of crystals just like rose quartz that are useful for helping to reduce anxiety.  – Photo by

Anxiety is nothing new, especially for college students. Between the pressure of maintaining a strong GPA, having a social life and the experience of being on your own for the first time, it's incredibly common for students to experience anxiety. 

Personally, I've struggled with anxiety for most of my adolescence. It looks different for everyone, and everyone has different methods to cope. In my experience, my coping methods have changed over time as I’ve grown as a person. 

I first recall using running as a way to defeat those anxious feelings: Releasing endorphins with every stride and getting fresh air. It was great to finish a run feeling relaxed and accomplished, but the hobby soon turned into a cross country/track and field obligation that made me the most anxious that I’ve ever been in my life. 

About a year ago, I made the difficult decision to transfer schools and quit Division I running. While the transition was a lonely, confusing and anxiety-filled experience, it's where I began to experiment with spirituality through crystals. 

While crystals aren’t for everyone, that is certainly okay. Personally, I have used them to improve many aspects of my life in addition to manifestation, as well as combat anxiety. 

Here are some of my favorites: 

Rose quartz 

Rose quartz, identifiable to many by its light pink color, is perfect for those who are just beginning to use crystals.

While rose quartz is most commonly used for attracting love, it can also be used to aid in reducing anxiety and stress. It's used to exemplify relationships and strengthen them — and weak relationships are a root of anxiety for many. 

If you find that your relationships are causing you to feel anxious, whether it be communicating with professors or peers and friends — this is the crystal for you. Place it in your pocket, under your pillow or even find it in the form of jewelry to balance your anxious feelings. 

You can find a rose quartz crystal here and a rose quartz necklace here


With its deep red color, jasper may appear as a more intimidating crystal to some. But looks aren't everything: Jasper is one of the most effective crystals in blocking out negativity, a common cause of anxiety. 

Jasper is a crystal that I use a lot, and it's especially useful if you work in high-pressure environments. It's known best for attracting confidence and improving your quick-thinking — two qualities that college students hope to possess. 

You can purchase jasper here.


With its strong effect on memory and mind, howlite is anxiety’s worst enemy. 

Howlite is a staple to my bedside table. It can be used as a sleep aid since it's commonly known to make you drowsy, which I appreciate as someone who has a million thoughts running through her head before bed. Used with meditation, howlite stops my head from racing. 

You can find howlite here


If I had to pick only one crystal to use for the rest of my life, it would be carnelian.

I use carnelian in the form of both a stone and a bracelet, and I feel as though I'm missing a part of myself if I go without it. You might be thinking that this sounds extreme — what does carnelian even do? 

Symbolizing comfort and high energy levels, carnelian feels like a warm hug for someone who has anxiety. Personally, I've begun to feel more confident and safer in unfamiliar situations since I began using it. 

You can purchase carnelian here.

There are a multitude of different crystals you can use and you can purchase them in many different places, from Amazon to your local crystal shop (yes, they exist). Even if none of these anxiety aids strike you as useful, there's something to be found for everyone. 

There are also many different ways to use crystals — just a few examples are holding them, wearing them as jewelry or placing them on one of your seven chakras.

Dealing with anxiety isn't easy, but with crystals and other coping mechanisms by your side, your anxieties can be greatly reduced.

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