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Love gaming? Check out this year’s best Black Friday bargains under $100

Black Friday is a playground for gamers on a hunt for deals, so use the list below for bargains ranging from the Nintendo Switch to PlayStation 5. – Photo by NintendoVS / Twitter

Black Friday is almost upon us, and the deals for video games are beginning to trickle in. Whether you’re looking for a holiday gift for a friend, family member or even for yourself, there’s plenty of opportunities to get great bargains.

While there are many expensive gaming gifts and deals on the market this Black Friday, here's a list of some affordable ones to grab on sale below $100:

Best Buy: Nintendo Switch SD card discount

You can get a 128 gigabyte SD card for your Nintendo Switch for approximately $20 this Black Friday, and you can get an even larger 256 gigabyte SD card for $55. But, if you don’t need additional storage, you can gift it to a friend who needs it for their Nintendo Switch.

SD cards are usually priced pretty modestly, so grabbing them at even lower prices is always a smart move.

Target: Discount highlights

Target has a slew of discounts for video games and gaming hardware on Black Friday. Select Xbox Series controllers are up to 17 percent off, "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales" is 40 percent off, including a free PlayStation 5 upgrade, and "Demon’s Souls" for PlayStation 5 is $30 off.

For the Nintendo Switch, "Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time" is half off, and "Cruis’n Blast" is 25 percent off. Also, if you want to check out gaming headsets, there are plenty of bargains on top brands.

Walmart: A number of PlayStation 5 video games on sale

Walmart slashed the prices for a bunch of recent PlayStation 5 video games in time for Black Friday. Some games discounted are "Far Cry 6," "Resident Evil Village," "MLB The Show 21," "Madden NFL 22," "Metro Exodus: Complete Edition" and more.

Amazon: Xbox Game Pass three-month discount

As if the Xbox Game Pass wasn’t a good enough deal for you, Amazon is discounting a three-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass for PC. This is a perfect holiday gift for a friend who loves playing on their computer.

With the next Halo game just around the corner, the timing of this promotion is most appropriate. While you don’t save a ton of money, any discount is nice in my book, especially for subscription services.

Amazon: Razer gaming mouse discount

Amazon understands that a good mouse is a great companion to have during intense gaming sessions, which is why they’re offering the Razer DeathAdder v2 gaming mouse for 50 percent off.

If a friend needs a new mouse for their computer, or you want an upgrade yourself, I would snatch this before the deal ends.

Amazon: "Battlefield 2042" 500-gigabyte solid-state drive (SSD) bundle promotion

While the retail price is normally greater than our intended budget, Amazon reduced the price of this bundle by $25, dropping it below $100 by a thin margin.

You get both a fast internal SSD for your desktop computer and the new "Battlefield 2042" game free of charge. You need an Electronic Arts account to redeem the game, but if you don’t care for that game, you can gift it to someone else and enjoy the extra storage.

Numerous retailers: A number of Nintendo games on sale

Nintendo is notorious for rarely dropping the price for their games, but they are cutting the prices of their greatest Nintendo Switch games by $20. These games include "Fire Emblem: Three Houses," "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," "Paper Mario: The Origami King," "Splatoon 2," "Kirby Star Allies" and more.

These games are also discounted at a number of large retailers such as Walmart, Amazon and GameStop.

By the time this article is published, Black Friday promotions will not be kicked into full gear, so here are some additional tips to get you the best bargains:

1. Waiting for post-Black Friday deals can yield better discounts and promotions. A lot of retailers will likely have leftover stock from Black Friday because they want to clear those shelves before the next shipments arrive. Online retailers like Amazon don’t usually have promotions like this, so check out stores like Walmart and Target.

2. While console manufacturers typically have much larger stock reserved for the holiday season, that doesn’t mean getting a new console will be easier.

Demand will be at its peak during the holiday season, so don't expect any PlayStation 5 deals, for example. But you can expect more console bundles, which typically don’t save you any money. Buying directly from the console manufacturers is your best bet, which is how I got my own PlayStation 5.

3. Getting newer games on sale is great, but the real bargains are for slightly older games. Many great games released in the previous two years will be much cheaper than games released in 2021. Why spend $40 on one game when you can spend $40 on multiple games?

4. As always, digital storefronts like Steam or Nintendo eShop will have huge sales during the Black Friday season. This is why there’s nothing wrong with simply giving your friend a gift card if you can’t think of anything. It’s an easy gift, but it’s a good gesture regardless.

Black Friday is always ripe with decent gaming deals, and there’s plenty of resources out there that direct you to the best sales, such as IGN’s Black Friday deals directory. While this article may not be as robust as IGN’s, consider this a good starting point for your shopping spree.

Note: When this article is published, not all promotions listed here may last until Black Friday, as it's hard to verify whether they are Black Friday deals or otherwise. Promotions and prices are also subject to change.

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