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DELFINO: Judy’s Kitchen on Hamilton Street promises delicious, affordable food any time of day

Column: Cameron's Crunch

Judy's Kitchen, a small restaurant on Hamilton Street offers massive portions of delicious food for a very reasonable price, making it perfect for students.  – Photo by Google Maps

Living in a residence hall on Cook campus freshman year, I was familiar with the most popular and well-known restaurants on the College Avenue campus. Krispy Pizza, honeygrow, and Hansel 'n Griddle were all places I frequently visited when I happened to catch the F or EE from Cook campus to the College Avenue campus.

But now that I am living on the College Avenue campus, I have been able to expand my palette to more restaurants over these past few weeks. Judy’s Kitchen, for example, is a restaurant I never knew about until this year and now that I have tried it and know that it exists, I know that it has a ton to offer to its customers.

When ordering from Judy’s for the first time, I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted since their menu is so extensive. From breakfast foods to homemade Hispanic food to buffalo wings, sandwiches and more, everything at Judy’s sounded so fantastic that it was hard for me to choose.

I decided on a chicken burrito, a chicken empanada, a cheese empanada and a chocolate milkshake. I had heard about their empanadas before, so I knew I had to try them, but the burrito and milkshake sounded too good not to include in my order as well. When my total for all of that food came out to be just under $17, I was both shocked and excited that all of the things I just ordered were that cheap.

I started off with the milkshake and let me tell you, it was everything I look for in a chocolate shake. It was the right consistency, not too thick and not too runny while still remaining creamy. Besides a perfect consistency, it had the perfect amount of chocolate that made me keep going back for another sip. It did not taste watered down or too milky and for $4, it was worth every penny.

After my milkshake, I decided to dive into the empanadas. Right when I saw them, I noticed the crispiness and perfect level of fry Judy’s achieved with these empanadas. I bit into the cheese empanada first and despite it solely having cheese inside, it was bursting with flavor. It had an amazing cheese pull and the gooeyness of the cheese was balanced out by the crunch and crispiness of the outside of the empanada.

I had the chicken empanada next and it was just as good as the first. The chicken was nicely seasoned and, similar to the cheese, had a nice contrast of texture to the empanada shell. Both of these empanadas were simple yet delicious and I appreciate the fact that the meatless option they offer for their empanadas is just as tasty as the ones with meat.

The winner of my Judy’s experience was without a doubt my burrito. I decided on the chicken burrito which comes with cheese, rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado with a side of rice. Since I am not a huge fan of beans, I decided to get my burrito without them. My first bite of this burrito was glorious.

The chicken was nicely grilled and flavorful and the actual size of the burrito was large enough for me to save the second half for dinner later. The white rice was fluffy and cooked perfectly while the shredded lettuce and tomatoes brought a refreshing element to the burrito. Although there was no sauce in the burrito, the creaminess of the fresh avocado made up for it and truly brought together all of the flavors and textures of the burrito.

One of the things that are so great about Judy’s is that you get the best bang for your buck, flavor-wise and portion-wise. All of the food I ordered was just under $17 and was enough to feed me not only for lunch, but also for dinner as well. Another great thing about Judy’s is that it is available on practically every food delivery app making them extremely accessible if you are not fortunate enough to live within walking distance like me.

I know in the future that Judy’s Kitchen is going to be a go-to spot when I am looking for an affordable yet amazing meal that is likely to leave me leftovers.

Cameron Delfino is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in journalism and media studies. His column, "Cameron's Crunch," runs on alternate Thursdays. 

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