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DELFINO: Insomnia Cookies is every night owl’s dream

Column: Cameron's Crunch

Insomnia Cookies, which recently came to campus, has a special place in the hearts of college students, and with good reason!  – Photo by insomnia cookies / Twitter

While I was already excited to be returning to campus for the fall semester, a new addition to Rutgers immediately caught my eye, and it is one that I have been waiting for. Rutgers has a ton of fantastic places to eat, but I always felt like it was missing one thing: the legendary Insomnia Cookies.

Known for its delicious baked goods and being open all hours of the night, Insomnia Cookies has made a name for itself already on campus and is the dream of every night owl like myself. Once I saw that Insomnia Cookies was here at Rutgers, I knew it was the perfect place for this semester’s first food review.

When I went to the Insomnia Cookies on Easton Avenue for the first time, I felt that I had to do it in a true insomniac fashion. I left my house just after midnight and walked over to the store, where I was immediately greeted by the smell of warm, fresh cookies when I opened the door. The atmosphere inside is lively and inviting and makes the experience of getting cookies at midnight that much more enjoyable.

For my first Rutgers Insomnia Cookies trip, I decided to try a wide variety. I got seven cookies: cinnamon bun, chocolate chunk, classic with M&M’s, double chocolate mint, snickerdoodle, sugar and vegan birthday cake. I could not narrow it down and wanted to try them all luckily, I had leftovers.

Each cookie was unreal. They were all soft, warm, chewy and relatively large. The cookies that had chips or M&M’s in them had the perfect ratio of cookie to chips, and each bite was consistent with the last.

While I enjoyed all of my cookies, the cinnamon bun, the double chocolate mint, and the chocolate chunk stood out most of all, and I have a feeling that these three are going to become the staples in my Insomnia Cookies order.

The cinnamon bun tastes exactly like a cinnamon roll, just in cookie form. It is soft and gooey and has an outstanding cinnamon flavor without forgetting about the creaminess that usually comes with cinnamon roll icing. The cinnamon chips and the cream cheese drops within the cookie are balanced exceptionally well so that each bite is harmonious and delicious, all while leaving you wanting more.

One of my favorite homemade cookies is called mint chocolate delights which I make only around Christmas time. I can only make them during the holiday season because the special chocolate chips I use are exclusive to this time of year. While I crave them all year long, it is good to know that the double chocolate mint cookie from Insomnia Cookies is almost an exact replica that I can enjoy until the holiday season approaches.

The chocolatiness of the cocoa in the cookie is balanced by the refreshing and bright mint chips. Add in the milk chocolate chunks, and it is a chocolatey, minty and overall, delicious treat.

The chocolate chunk cookie is everything you look for in a classic chocolate chip cookie. It was chewy and buttery with gooey milk chocolate chunks that created a flavor explosion with each bite.

I actually got the chocolate chunk as a part of a "cookie’wich," which is their version of an ice cream sandwich. With a chocolate chunk cookie on top, the classic with M&M’s on the bottom and their vanilla ice cream sandwiched in the middle, it made for a perfect balance of warm and cold treats.

When looking at the menu, I noticed that some vegan options and even a gluten-free option were included in their wide variety of flavors. Although they all sounded and looked fantastic, I decided on the vegan birthday cake cookie.

It was the same price as the standard cookies and still delicious, especially for a vegan cookie. It was soft, chewy and buttery without using real butter and had an amazing birthday cake flavor. The sprinkles were nicely balanced, and despite a bit of an odd aftertaste, I would say that the cookie overall was enjoyable.

While Insomnia Cookies may seem a bit pricey at first glance, I think that the amount they charge is fairly reasonable. Every cookie that I have had there was both fresh and delicious and lived up to the hype surrounding their name. Their wide variety of flavors, as well as add-ons such as milk, ice cream or icing, make the experience and price worthwhile.

With life at Rutgers seemingly getting back to normal, it is nice to see that places like Insomnia Cookies are choosing to set up shop on our campus.

Cameron Delfino is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in journalism and media studies. His column, "Cameron's Crunch," runs on alternate Thursdays. 

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