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Rutgers to hold 6th annual Giving Day event virtually

Individuals can get involved with Rutgers Giving Day by donating to campaigns of their choice or by taking part in various challenges designed to raise additional money for campaigns.  – Photo by The Daily Targum

Today, Rutgers will host its sixth Giving Day, an annual 24-hour event dedicated to fundraising for various schools and programs, according to a press release.

The event is coordinated by the Rutgers University Foundation and will be held virtually for the second year in a row due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, according to the release. Despite the event being virtual, the University still hopes to surpass the 5,790 individuals who donated at Giving Day 2020.

“Rutgers is more than an institution. It is a source of hope for a lot of people,” said Nevin E. Kessler, president of the Rutgers University Foundation, according to the release. “And year after year, Rutgers Giving Day demonstrates this by offering a wide variety of causes to support. What’s remarkable is that each cause has the capacity to make positive change happen.”

Participants can take part in the event in a number of ways, including by making donations to campaigns of their choice or partaking in virtual challenges to help win additional funds for campaigns, according to the release.

Funds raised from the event can go toward numerous areas, including research, student aid, global service efforts or on-campus programs, according to the release. Some specific campaigns that participants can donate to include the Scarlet Promise Grants Endowed Fund, the Bold Center at Douglass for Leadership, Career and Personal Development, the Graduate School of Education Student Emergency Fund and the Rutgers Climate Institute, according to the Rutgers Giving Day website.

Some giving challenges individuals can partake in include the Kick-off Challenge, where the first five campaigns to receive donations after midnight will each win an extra $500, or the My Cause Challenge, where the campaign that receives the most donors between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. will receive an extra $1,500, according to the website.

Additionally, there are various social media challenges such as the Wayback Wednesday Challenge, where individuals can share their favorite Rutgers memory on social media for a chance to win $300 for a campaign of their choice.

“A gift on Rutgers Giving Day can support researchers fighting COVID-19, climate change, cancer and more,” Kessler said, according to the release. “Donors can enhance a favorite school or program, or they can empower the next generation of young, brilliant leaders. The choice is theirs.”


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