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2000s fashion trends to rock during spring break

Between rocking a glitter slip dress, bold eye makeup and effortlessly layering chunky, fun accessories, the 2000s Paris Hilton is our ultimate fashion goal for this spring break. – Photo by Paris Hilton / Twitter

While spring break might look different from past years, you can still take a safe and responsible trip — back in time. The nostalgia from the early 2000s is something any older member of Generation Z knows all too well. And now, with the rise of the “Y2K” fashion trend that sparked up in 2020, early 2000s nostalgia has entered the realm of modern fashion as well.

Here are some of my favorite nostalgic fashion trends that you can wear when traveling back in time this spring break:

Bright colors and bold makeup

When I first think of early 2000s fashion trends, I immediately picture vibrant colors and fun makeup looks.

Between the bright hues of pink, blue, purple and orange, and the shimmery and colorful makeup moments, fashion in the 2000s was all about being extra and looking hot, and it’s time to take this energy and carry it into this year! So, make sure to push yourself to wear something bold and fun over spring break — because you can, and you should.

Baggy denim

Low-waisted jeans? Forget that. Baggy denim is the 2000s fashion staple that we need in our lives.

I think these pants are effortlessly fashion-forward and universally flattering. Not only do I love the way these jeans look on myself and others, but they also make me feel so confident.

I typically am self-conscious of how my legs look in pants, so having a little extra room to work with makes all the difference. I just love the fit so much overall, and I'm obsessed with using a cute belt to pull a baggy denim moment together.

Mini skirts

Another essential 2000s fashion trend is mini skirts. From classic denim to ruffled to patterned to mesh, I support any and every mini skirt endeavor, and you should too. They are chic and fierce, yet playful and fun at the same time, and they evoke a certain energy that I can only describe as “Bratz-like.”

In the wise words of Paris Hilton, the queen of mini skirts, along with many other 2000s trends, “that’s hot.”

Baguette bags

Accessories can often make or break looks, so it’s important to add the perfect touches when coming up with an outfit. One of my favorite 2000s accessories is most definitely the baguette bag. Small yet mighty, this bag is so cute, reliable and can seamlessly pull together any look. Coming in a wide variety of colors, textures and designs, the baguette bag is versatile and flexible, and it’s so easy to make both simple and extravagant looks pop.

Chunky boots

Chunky boots are such an amazing contrast to the more dainty and fun aspect of early 2000s fashion, and they definitely deserve more hype.

Not to be confused with the chunky dad sneaker trend (which is a "no" from me), chunky boots perfectly complement any staple 2000s look and add a fierce vibe to your outfit.

Whether you’re pairing them with a cute mini skirt and crop top, a mesh midi dress and baguette bag or baggy jeans and an oversized t-shirt, they add the ideal edgy accent.

Tiny tops

Another 2000s trend that has my full support is tiny tops. From fun textured camis to classic tank tops to skin-tight cropped shirts — I love them all.

While they may seem basic, I love that there’s a lot of room to play around with and use them in countless different ways. There are truly so many varieties to choose from, and they can all work with any outfit.

Also, showing skin and feeling confident in your own self was an important part of this fashion era, so this trend helps to channel that aura as well.

Additional must-have accessories

A 2000s fit is not complete without the following: claw hair clips, chunky jewelry, butterfly clips, big sunglasses, bold belts and glitter.

Overall, the early 2000s were undoubtedly an essential part of our lives as Generation Z, and the nostalgia that this era evokes is truly so special. Keeping the memories of our childhood alive is not only important so we can reminisce on the best parts of our youth, but also so we can carry these feelings of nostalgia with us into the future.

As we travel back in time this spring break, take time to remember some of these amazing trends of the past and revive them in all their glory.


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