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Pescatarianism: How cutting out red meat improved my well-being

While many may think that a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to eat, others have experienced positive health benefits from a pescatarian diet. – Photo by

Although veganism and vegetarianism are some of the most popular diets out there, pescetarianism is a great alternative that is often forgotten. For those who have never heard of pescetarianism, allow me to explain: Like vegetarianism, pescetarianism mainly consists of fruits and vegetables and omits red meats (that means no burgers or steaks), as well as chicken.

But instead of eliminating all meats, this diet allows for the consumption of seafood (think: filleted fish with asparagus on the side).

From lowering your blood pressure to reducing the risk of heart issues and getting certain cancers, going pescatarian has many health benefits. But, for me personally, these benefits are only part of the reason why I've followed this diet for more than a year.

Funnily enough, when I tell people I am a pescatarian, they don’t ask why I decided to become one but rather if it’s easy.

But as I've said before, since I have done this for more than a year, my answer is, "yes"!

The first time I actually heard of pescetarianism was from my older sister. After years of watching her only roast eggplants or fry fish for dinner, I decided I wanted to try it too. Since I've adjusted what I eat, my diet has positively reflected back in the way I act and behave in many ways.

When I look back on my life, before saying "no" to red meat, the difference between now versus then is that I feel genuinely healthier. And when I say "healthier," I mean I feel a lot less congested after eating, less bloated, much more attentive and generally more relaxed.

Now keep in mind, many parts of my life have stayed the same. Like any other college student, I'm behind on my sleep and feel tired sometimes. But, I think having a better diet has motivated me to have an overall healthier lifestyle. Now, I feel more active and motivated to move.

But the most significant change I have seen is how my diet has impacted my skin. Prior to eating only fish and vegetables, I struggled a lot with acne. Even with a multitude of skin healing and cleaning products, I rarely saw a difference.

But after I cleaned up my diet and decided to cut out fatty meats, which often came from eating out at restaurants or at fast-food chains, I noticed my skin had improved greatly (I do want to note that this was just my experience when I went pescatarian, and not everyone will experience the same benefit).

Ultimately, I became a fish-and-veggie eater because I wanted a change of lifestyle, and I realized that simply avoiding certain foods would help me achieve this.

I know I haven't been a pescatarian for long, and not all diets necessarily work for everyone, but for me, I genuinely see a major difference in my lifestyle since I became a pescatarian.

Overall, I recommend pescetarianism for anyone who is willing to try it. Becoming a pescatarian is relatively easy since you can still eat some meats, and because I’ve watched someone do it for years and do it effortlessly, it wasn't difficult at all for me. Do keep in mind that not all diets work for everyone and that this is just my personal testament. But, overall, the diet suited me well!

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