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Ways to celebrate Halloween without partying

Halloween doesn't have to be all about partying, especially when partying is not an option due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions. To celebrate, you can bake cookies and watch movies instead.  – Photo by Pxhere

Are you worried that you won’t be able to celebrate a festive Halloween this year due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)? Well, have no fear, The Daily Targum is here!

These are some ways you can spend the holiday without breaking any guidelines and still making it memorable:

Halloween movie night

Halloween is the perfect time to warm up some hot chocolate, microwave popcorn and wear your favorite onesies. Head over to your basement or living room with your family and watch a spooky movie. You could host a "Halloweentown" marathon or even check out our Halloween movie listicles for other options. You could do this comfortable and simple activity by yourself on your bed or in a homemade fort in your room. 

Some drive-in theaters are also celebrating the holiday with great movies. You could drive to New York with your friends or family and watch films at places like the Queens DRIVE-IN. It is hosting a Halloween event for prices between $45 and $75.

Halloween-themed game night

Playing games is always a great way to celebrate when you’re stuck indoors. You can even make it more special by following a chilling and mysterious theme.

One game could be with a Halloween feel box! A Halloween feel box is a popular game that has people reach into dark boxes and guess what mysterious items they are touching.

You could also play the classic “Wrap the Mummy" — a contest to see who can wrap a person fastest with toilet paper. 

If you don’t have anyone in your quarantine clique to spend the holiday with, you can play games with your friends or family over Zoom. 

Halloween dinner

Everyone loves to eat, especially on a special occasion. You can host a family dinner with Halloween-themed meals.

Food items could be mummy meatballs, which are meatballs wrapped with dough and mustard for the eyes. You could also make jack-o’-lantern stuffed peppers, which can substitute pumpkin carvings.

To make the night even more festive, dress up in your costumes. Admiring and laughing at everyone’s costumes would make great conversation and a way to maintain the Halloween spirit.

Spooky baking night

Although a significant factor of Halloween is trick or treating, you can replace the activity by making your own delicious desserts.

You could sit around the kitchen table with your family and frost cookies and decorate cupcakes. It could even turn into a decorating contest!

Other alternatives could include making Halloween-themed shakes, and with the magic of food coloring, the drink could become a complete mystery. Hosting a caramel apple making session could also be the perfect way to spend the night, especially when it’s time to eat it. Make the night full of sugary delight!

Backyard bonfire

A great way to end the night is by spending it with your family around a warm bonfire and making some s'mores. Just like we always see in the movies, you could make the snacks while directing a flashlight to your face to tell scary stories.

It also always helps to play music in the background. Make a Halloween-themed playlist that must have “Calling All The Monsters” by China Anne McClain. This activity is bound for laughs, enjoyable chats and a great memory to look back on in the future.

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