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Rutgers releases University-wide update on coronavirus preparations

Rutgers student health services has helped develop measures to screen symptoms and establish safety precautions. – Photo by Photo by The Daily Targum | The Daily Targum

The University has detailed recent updates to the preparations and responses that are being made on its part to the novel coronavirus, according to a University-wide email.

There are currently zero cases of the disease at Rutgers and in the state, according to the email. Regardless, Rutgers has been implementing response plans to anyone who may have been affected by this on a larger scale.

Rutgers Global has helped coordinate and create forms of outreach for members of the University community, according to the email.

Rutgers student health services and clinical providers have developed measures to screen symptoms and establish safety precautions in the case that someone in the Rutgers community is identified with the disease, according to the email.

The University has gotten equipment ready and guidance from appropriate personnel when it comes to handling individuals who may have the novel coronavirus, according to the email. Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety also released an information system that makes monitoring needs easier.

The University’s Emergency Management teams have also made facilities available in the event that a member of the Rutgers community needs to be quarantined, according to the email.

Rutgers has prepared for this possible situation in that it plans, monitors, evaluates and adjusts with hopes that nothing will actually need to be implemented, according to the email. Our region is currently at low risk in regards to this health crisis, and the community should take precautions without compromising University principles.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently announced the 13th case of coronavirus in the United States, according to the email. There are currently no cases in New Jersey.

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