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LETTER: ‘It’s Okay to be White’ flyer is objectively true, not racist

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A national talking point found new roots at Rutgers University: A flyer. The rhetoric and backlash to this flyer experienced would have many believe David Duke and Richard Spencer were chanting "white power" in front of Brower Commons. No, the contents of a plain, five-word flyer that read "It's okay to be white" would be nothing out of the ordinary if the fifth word was substituted with any other race or nationality, which begs the question: Is it not ok to be white?

Looking directly at the flyer at hand, let us determine together whether the poster is about racism, white nationalism or a work of white supremacy. First, let us play the game of "is it racist?" Does the poster discriminate or instill prejudice against any race? The only race mentioned is white people and the message seems fairly supportive. If anything, it is neutral. Maybe even a little anti-white considering it says being white is only "okay." Why not "great?" Why not "fantastic?" Take that as the joke it was intended to be, and do not get triggered, please. It does not put down any outside group so clearly it is not any rational form of racism.

Is it a work of white supremacy? Typically, actual white supremacists, like the Ku Klux Klan, will refer to themselves as much greater than “okay.” The message does nothing more, in five words, than to say there is nothing wrong with being white. Unless I missed the memo of whiteness being inherently evil, then surely it is okay to be white.

Is this a work of white nationalism? This is the lowest bearing fruit hundreds of miles above our heads. "Okay" is not something a nationalist would call themselves. "Okay" is what a teacher writes on your test in grade school when you barely get credit. If a bunch of white folks calling themselves just "okay" is the pinnacle of racism, America is in pretty good shape.

Substitute anything other than white and you would have zero uproar. Any critic of this flyer will absolutely fail in bringing up any fair argument against the five words contained in this white piece of paper. No race is elevated, nor deflated. There are zero attacks, with neutral language of a single racial group. No comparison occurred and zero intent of hidden meaning or references to other races can be conceived by a reasonable person. Crying over a flyer of this neutrality is nothing more than expanding the victim status of millennial college students. The outcry is a ridiculous attempt at attention.

Brandon Chesner is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore.

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