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5 cringe-worthy costumes that need to be trashed

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In my 20 years of life, I've come across my fair share of ratchet costumes. The funniest part of it all is that people actually think they look good while they snap 100 selfies of themselves. College is basically a playground full of the worst costumes known to mankind during Halloweekend. Here's five of the most cringe-worthy costumes I've seen roaming around the Rutgers streets. 

The basic bunny 

I can't even count on my hand how many bunny costumes I've seen in my day. They are so over-worn. Please switch over to a different animal costume— why not try to be a zebra or a horse? Horse heads need to be the new "it costume." 


Last time I checked, we are not elementary school kids that live in Texas. People who strut around sporting a cowboy hat and leather vest have "tool bag" written all over them. Leave the boots and belt-buckle at home and switch over to a more grown-up costume. Hmm, maybe try being a ketchup bottle?


Do I even need to explain?


Tie-dye shirts and peace-sign necklaces are getting pretty washed up nowadays. When I think of these costumes, I envision a middle school Halloween party in some kid's basement that I probably didn't like. You know, one of those parties that everyone gets invited to just because they are in your class. I don't know about you, but I'd rather avoid those memories.

Super Hero

This one definitely wins the award for the most basic man costume. If I were to see someone being a super hero at a party, I would have a strong urge to rip off their cape. Maybe I will also accidentally spill my punch on them. Nah, I'll save that for the bunny. 

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