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Best protein bars found at Rutgers convenience stores

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It's hard to dodge that Chef Boyardee and those Cool Ranch Doritos at the convenience store. We all know that crap probably has the capability of turning our insides black, but we still eat it anyway. What can I say, I enjoy the taste of ranch seasoning hitting my tongue — sue me. When I don't feel like downing a big wad of sodium, I drift toward the aisle with all the snack bars. Your girl has to get her protein in, so I make sure to buy a protein bar. Here are my top three that are worth a swipe with your Rutgers ID. 

1. Luna Protein Bar

They make a cookie dough flavored one that is smothered in chocolate, and it actually tastes like the real thing. It may not be a big hunk of Nestle Toll House cookie dough, but you can always just use your imagination. Other flavors worth trying are chocolate peanut butter, lemon vanilla and chocolate mint. 

2. NuGo Nutrition Bar

These legit taste just like candy bars. The chocolate-covered pretzel flavor is basically an equivalent to a Take 5 candy bar. I was shocked to find out the bar has a whopping 10 grams of protein — must be the chocolate (in my dreams.)

3. Clif Builder's Bar

If you're a guy you may prefer buying this one since the name sounds "manly." This bar will help you make all kinds of gains with 20 grams of protein per bar. All the bros at the gym will be wondering what your secret is — little do they know, it's something you can buy from the Student Activity Center. 

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