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Don't care if your wrapper is loud, eat your snack anyway

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The munchies in college seems like a never-ending phenomenon for most of us. You could literally eat a colossal hoagie and it still won't be enough. Do you often ask yourself, “Why am I still hungry?” If you do, this one’s for you.

We all love some good food, and some love it so much that they even bring grub to class. I am one of those people.

I have received my fair share of dirty looks when trying to open up my food in class. Why do wrappers have to be so noisy, dammit! I use to try to be really careful and open up my granola bar slowly, but I feel like that just prolongs the noise. Now, I have come to the realization that I just have to rip that bad boy open.

I get stared down for about five seconds, but it’s worth it in the end because I am enjoying some nice eats. Geez, just let me eat my granola bar in peace. People act like I’m eating a four-course meal or something.

If you are going to eat in class, you have to do it the smart way. I enjoy some good, crunchy food, so why should I have to swap out my noisy, wonderful pretzels for some yogurt? You don’t have to — it’s all about the art of chewing correctly.

You do not have to chomp your food viciously to enjoy it. I get it, you get excited and just want to shovel it all in, but try and refrain from doing that. Be conscious of how you are chewing, and try your best to chew slowly. The idea here is to make it seem like you are not even there. People will not get annoyed if there is no noise.

Eric Bajek, a Rutgers—Newark Business School senior, is one of those people that despises when students eat in class.

“That’s the absolute worst. When you’re literally minding your own business, trying to learn and the person next to you is just crunching away like they’re not the only one making noise,” Bajek said.

Woah, that guy would sure hate me. I mind my own business when I’m eating too though, man.

For me, eating snacks in class cures my boredom. If I didn’t eat in class, I’d probably be snoozing or shedding a few tears. There’s something about food that just makes you wide-awake. It’s probably because all those snacks cause a foodgasm. Did I seriously just say that?

Emma Sobel, a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student, has no problem with students eating in class — she gets me.

“I don’t mind people eating in class, not everyone’s schedule allows them time to eat a regular meal,” Sobel said. “It may be annoying to some people, but I think overall it helps the person do better in class because they aren’t hungry and distracted in the middle of class.”

I have come to the conclusion that tons of people in my classes probably hate me. Even though I am fairly quiet while eating, there are still those bitter people that will just not let it go. Let me and my food be, gosh.

I guess I’d consider myself a professional class eater. The amount of stink eyes I have gotten throughout the years have definitely decreased, but there will always be those wandering eyes on my bag of chips.

If anyone ever gives you a problem for eating a snack in class, just bring the most obnoxious meal of your choosing next time to get some sweet revenge. I recommend a bowl of cereal, lasagna or hard-boiled eggs. Be prepared to have the mob come after you after you eat those, because those things smell raunchy.

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