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Inside Beat's healthier shamrock shake alternative

 – Photo by null

McDonald’s isn’t exactly the epitome of health — it’s not rocket science to figure that one out. I understand it's St. Patrick’s Day and nobody really cares about health today, but hey, give my DIY "Shamrock Shake" a chance. It involves ice cream, if that helps.

What you need

½-1 cup light vanilla ice cream

½ cup almond milk

1-2 pumps of sugar free peppermint syrup

1 drop of green food coloring

1 cherry

1 serving of fat free whip cream

How to make

This is probably one of the simplest drinks you could make. All you need to do is combine everything together, except for the cherry and whip cream, and then add ice. Blend on medium to high until it looks glorious. You can also make this McDonald’s knock-off without a blender. If you’re cash-strapped like me and can’t afford a blender, you can also wait for the ice cream to melt a little bit and just mix all the ingredients together by hand, minus the ice. Top off with fat free whip cream and a cherry to make it look food porn worthy.

Now, go enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day treat without having to worry about your arteries getting clogged.

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