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DIY Rutgers bikini to wear over spring break

 – Photo by Michelle Klejmont

Rutgers may excel at making t-shirts and sweatpants, but they are missing one important article of clothing — a bikini. Spring break is coming up, and what are you going to wear to the beach? A sweat suit? No, I didn't think so. 

Since Rutgers lacks in the bikini department, I present to you a DIY, school-spirited, glitter infused bikini that will make Victoria's Secret wish it was in their swim wear collection. 

What you need:

- A white bikini

- Red and silver glitter glue

How to make:

Place the side of both the top and bottoms you are going to use glitter glue on up, so that no smudges are made. Take your bikini top and carefully draw a capital R on the left side and a capital U on the right side with red glitter glue. Spread red glitter glue within the R and the U as well. Make sure to spread enough so the R and the U don't look clumpy. 

Take your bikini bottoms and place it back side facing up. Write "RUTGERS" in capitalized letters across the back. Instead of using just red glitter glue, alternate red and silver glitter glue for every other letter. Wait a day for your bikini to dry to ensure that it doesn't get ruined. 

You are now going to wow your friends at the beach with your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. If anyone asks you if you're artsy, you can now say,"Hell yea I am, I made a bikini."

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