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3 90s cartoons that will have my heart forever

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I don't know about you, but I miss my daily dose of 90s cartoons 24/7. Nowadays all I see are the new, terrible shows that have taken over Nickelodeon. The network use to be a favorite among us college kids that were born in the 90s generation. But now it is safe to say we hate it, or at least I hate it. At night, Nickelodeon now hosts "The Splat", but that is just not a enough. I could watch Helga call Arnold a "football head" all day long. Here are the top three shows I miss to death and watch on YouTube on a daily basis. 

1. Hey Arnold

Watching Helga add more gum to her Arnold bubblegum shrine will never get old. Following Helga's "love" journey was probably something a lot of us could relate to, minus the creepy locket and shrine. You know you're in love if you're collecting somebody's gum. Who knew a show could teach such life lessons? Even Arnold's grandpa advised him to "never eat raspberries". If you are a true "Hey Arnold" fan, you know what happened when he ate those raspberries. 

2. Rugrats 

Rugrats is still with us to this day with the infamous meme of Stu making chocolate pudding. When Didi asked why he was making chocolate pudding, Stu responded, "Because I've lost control of my life." Isn't that how all of us in college feels nowadays? Rugrats is relatable even almost 20 years later, now that's how you know a show was a true hit. 

3. Rocket Power 

I am always in the mood to hear some words of wisdom from Tito. And when you are not hearing his wise words, you are watching a bunch of brats skateboarding. What's better than that? You get the best of both worlds by learning and being entertained.

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