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5 best non-alcoholic beverages for unfortunate, underage college kids

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Not being able to drink alcohol at a bar is such a drag. In my opinion, 20 is the worst age known to mankind. Even though you’re legal, you can’t legally drink alcohol for one more year. But you can use those 365 days you have left to order a few non-alcohol beverages that will trick your friends into thinking you’re consuming the real deal. Plus, it will make you feel less miserable, I guess.

Cucumber mojito

Cucumbers are the bomb. Ingest a combination of cucumber, lime, mint and club soda to get a serving of vegetables and your daily dose of vitamin C. While your friends are downing shots, your immune system will be on fire. When you’re 21 you can order this with rum in it, but let’s just daydream for now.

Virgin margarita

Get your citrus on with this lemon-lime, grapefruit and orange beverage. You’ll look like you’re doing some fancy living while holding your salt-rimmed martini glass. If someone insults you because you’re drinking a non-alcoholic beverage, just stick your glass in their face and say, “Why are you being salty?”

Club soda with lemon or lime

This bubbly classic looks like an “Amsterdam Club Soda”. A regular club soda with lemon or lime is literally the same thing, minus the vodka. I know it's unfortunate, but you only have to suck it up for one more year.

"Dirty" Dr. Pepper

Who knew a Dr. Pepper could be so filthy? Enjoy a Dr. Pepper with lime infused with coconut syrup. Once you’re 21, you can be even "dirtier" and ask for Malibu instead of coconut syrup. 

Shirley temple

Basically, cherries are sweet and delicious. Just ask the bartender for either a ginger ale or lemon-lime soda with maraschino syrup. Ask for an extra cherry on top because you are the special youngster in the group. They will probably feel bad and give you the whole jar.

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