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Demarest Hall's art decoded

 – Photo by null

Art sometimes doesn’t make any sense, and can often be hard to decipher. An artist’s mind is like a creative black hole, and you don’t know what is going to come from their imagination.

We explored the basement of Demarest Hall and found an endless amount of color and unexplainable paintings. It basically looked like the walls threw up. What better way to express your self than in a basement, right?

Since these paintings could have any possible meaning, we decided to decode what these paintings mean based on our own personal opinion. This includes original titles for the artwork, of course.

Where’s My Chipotle?

When you look at this painting, you see Chipotle in bold, with a sobbing eye smacked right in the middle. I’m betting that the person who painted this was dying for some Chipotle and just could not get their hands on some. I would be sobbing too, if I had a midnight craving for a burrito bowl that could not be fulfilled. There’s no better way to embrace that pain than by painting it on a wall. Maybe they are also crying because of the E. coli scare, but what do I know?

Sad Frog

If you have ever seen the meme, you know exactly what I am talking about. That depressed frog head was found chilling on the wall next to a painting that looked kind of like Mr. Potato Head, but I won’t get into that one. I am assuming that this person painted this due to a break up or heartbreak. You just don’t go around painting the sad frog meme for nothing. Maybe it was even painted on Valentine’s Day, and if so that must have been quite a day.

 The Evil Eye

The evil eye can have a variety of meanings, but I think this person wanted to get a message across to their roommate. Their roommate probably ate their leftover sandwich in the fridge or stole something. The evil eye is basically the picture form of, “I'm watching you”. I feel bad for that person’s roommate. I guess they better sleep with one eye open (pun intended).

Alien Butt

This one speaks for itself. The painter actually painted the word “alien butt” next to their painting of the alien. Maybe they saw a UFO one night and tried to get the message across without trying to sound crazy. It is also possible that they hallucinated and thought they saw an alien. Who knows what college kids are taking nowadays?

Sea World

The painter must be really into marine life. A big, golden yellow seahorse was found plastered on a wall, along with the year 2014 labeled beside it. Above the seahorse was an Illuminati-looking picture. According to the dictionary, Illuminati means you have special knowledge on a specific topic. This kid must really know his stuff. I am assuming this person graduated in 2014, with a major in marine biology. I bet I am right.

All of these paintings are very interesting and could obviously mean anything. I think I did a pretty good job at cracking these art mysteries, though. Demarest Hall’s basement is the place to be if you need to take out your frustrations, or exhibit your ideas with a paintbrush and a wall. Just make sure you don’t write your signature next to your picture, your artwork may just end up in the newspaper. I am sure you do not want to be known as the person who painted alien butt on a basement wall. No, I didn’t think so.

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