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Joey Gladstone came to Rutgers? Cut. It. Out!

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Cut. It. Out! Television icon Dave Coulier, famously known as Joey Gladstone from the early 90s sitcom, "Full House," provided Rutgers students with one-of-a-kind comedy at no cost on Thursday, Nov. 5 at the Busch Student Center. 

While many students remember watching their extended childhood family — the Full House cast — in their pajamas on a Saturday morning, Coulier kicked off the night by poking fun and revealing a few secrets about them.

Students burst out laughing when he mentioned how he was amazed that Bob Saget, the actor who played Danny Tanner, was allowed to be around the three girls that played his daughters on the show — D.J., Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. 

Saget would make super dirty jokes and inappropriate comments backstage, which isn't the kind of behavior we would expect from the wholesome, “family man” character he played on the show, Coulier said.

Coulier then shifted gears and started making fun of himself. He made a hilarious reference to his mullet saying, “You know how television adds 10 pounds, well the mullet added 10 pounds." 

The whole crowd went wild — including myself.

If you thought that was funny, you are going to get a kick out of Coulier’s next bit.

Coulier warned students not to eat from the Busch Student Center food court unless they want diarrhea. The crowd got a real kick out of that one — maybe because there is some truth to that? 

Coulier made an effort to keep the act interactive. At one point during the show, an audience member got up out of their seat and Coulier shouted, “Hey! That kid must have diarrhea.” 

Gross? Yes, but funny, too! He then began chanting, “Rutgers, Butgers, Rutgers, Butgers!”

To warn his audience that he was moving onto a new joke, Coulier came up with an unique signal.

He made an impression of a “human tuba,” and it was one of the funniest noises I have ever heard. It was completely random, which is what made it even more hilarious.

Slowly, Coulier got into some baseball game jokes.

A crowd favorite was his impersonation of a food salesman. Coulier chanted "Hotdog!" in a funny old man voice that got the whole audience laughing.

The best part about Coulier’s stand-up was he acted completely like his "Full House" character, Joey Gladstone.

Most actors do not have similar personalities to the characters or roles they play on screen, but Coulier did. His performance was really authentic and depicted who he truly was.

Rutgers students and their guests really enjoyed seeing a stand-up routine performed by one of their childhood idols. 

Hopefully Coulier will pay Rutgers another visit in the near future, and bring Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse along too! Maybe it's not going to happen in the near future, but just let me dream.

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