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"Anything Goes" brings 1930's charm to Rutgers

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The Livingston Theater Company presented a cross between a romance and comedy classic musical theater production last night at the Livingston Student Center.

Described as “classic, timeless and meaningful” by Director Alex Albanese, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, the “Anything Goes” cast did a fantastic job at portraying this 1930s revival.

Albanese views the show as a “happy, feel-good musical” and revealed he wanted to keep the musical as accurate as possible.

“I tried to stay close to the setting of the 1930s as much as possible,” Albanese said. “I feel it captures a view of society different from today’s society.”

The acting itself was a great portrayal of the 1930s, but visuals such as costume made a major impact.

“Personally, I wanted sleek dresses for the women and pinstripes for the men,” he said. “I did a lot of research on 1930s costume fashion.”

With cast members persona’s ranging from elegant to edgy when it comes to love, it is no doubt that Rutgers students can relate to the musical.

One character that particularly stuck out was Reno Sweeny who is played by Stephanie Turci. Her confident, “I don’t care” attitude stuck out to the crowd and made the audience more engaged.

Assistant Director Rachel Appleton, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, is impressed with the casts’ talents.

“Everyone is so talented, they are dancers and can play piano and everyone is just well-rounded,” Appleton said.

With a large number of ensembles, it was easy to see the cast showcase their talents.

“There is not really a lead in the play, really everyone is in the show because it is mostly ensembles,” Albanese said.

Appleton then went on to elaborate on the contrast of ensembles and small scenes, explaining that there is a large contrast between scenes that are ensembles and duets.

“The ensembles are flashy numbers and the small scenes are more intimate.”

Brittany DiNardo, a Mason Gross School of the Arts senior, plays Hope Harcourt and feels hyped to be participating in the production.

“I feel nervous and excited — a little bit of both,” DiNardo said.

While preparing for the show, she reminisced the time spent putting the whole produciton together.

“It was a great time putting it to life, it is a classic,” DiNardo said.

Be sure to catch upcoming shows on Nov. 13, 14 and 15.

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