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Haunted Rutgers Scavenger Hunt

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Let’s face it, Rutgers is pretty ancient. Ghost sightings have been reported at various locations here at Rutgers, so who knows what could be lurking throughout these campuses. If you're looking to get in touch with the supernatural this Halloween, try this scavenger hunt to live out your "Ghost Hunters" fantasies, if you dare.

Kiss Someone at Old Queens

A "Gray Lady" ghost inhabits Old Queens at night. Apparently, "Gray Lady" ghosts die for love or while waiting for it. Catherine Livingston is supposedly the "Gray Lady" who died while waiting for her lover, Alexander Hamilton, to return. Nowadays, Livingston is rumored to haunt the Old Queens bell tower. Kiss your lover — or anyone you desire — at Old Queens when it gets dark, and see if the bell tower rings. If it goes off, well that’s a spook for you.

Find the Secret Stone of Miller Hall 

Miller Hall has quite a bizarre history, the building used to be used as a morgue, and a stone somewhere in the building has “McDede Burial Company” written on it. Faculty have reported hearing odd noises in the past, so now it is your turn to discover what all the commotion is about for yourself. Grab a friend and search for that creepy, “McDede Burial Company” stone. Be sure to take a picture for your Snapchat story.

Leave a Rose at Woodbury Bunting-Cobb Hall 

In the 1980s, residents of Douglass’s Woodbury Hall noticed that while surrounding halls had flourishing rose gardens, any roses they attempted to plant in their own lawn would die. They also observed that whenever fresh roses were brought to the hall's A-wing, they would wilt the next day. Mary Putnam Woodbury Neilson held her rose garden in the area, so it is believed that Neilson doesn't want anyone else planting on her turf. Test out this theory for yourself by bringing a rose to the hall, and swinging by the next day to see if Neilson strikes again.

Take a Nap in Little Theater

Did you pull an all-nighter last night, or do you just want to take a break? Snooze in this haunted spot. Several students have said that Jane Inge, the theater's former director, haunts it. Students have reported seeing Inge in a white dress lurking around the theater. Get some shut-eye here, and you might just wake up to a surprise!

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